Retired Tea Plucker, acrylic painting of Maria Abeyesekere

Realistic Art



MARIA ABEYESEKRE is  an award winning realist artist, entirely self taught (b.1970) whose unique style is done by classical realism and uses her talent to support the needy. Her art is held in private collections across the world since she sold her 1st award winning painting for Best Young Artist in 1990 to Dr. Ian Goonetileke, who was a renowned scholar, art collector and art critic in Sri Lanka. She says as a young artist it was an honour for her to be included in his collection amongst distinguished artists like George Keyt.

She lives amongst the wilderness in the Central highlands of beautiful island, Sri lanka and says the serenity and the scenic beauty of where she is, makes the perfect environment for her to paint more.

"It is a hard and demanding discipline to succeed in realism into a painting. It needs devotion, patience and practice." - Maria Abeyesekere

Maria Abeyesekere - Sri Lankan Realist Artist

Anna Boyd,


“Maria is one of the best painters I have worked with. When I redecorated my house, she was very supportive and did some beautiful paintings within my budget.”

Dr. Ian Goonetileke, 

Sri Lanka

Nichole Richards, 


“I bought a Still life from Maria to gift my brother for his birthday and  now my family and friends have become her clients too”

Maud Zilva


“Maria painted my pet's portrait and looks amzingly life like. I can't get my eyes off it's eyes”


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Eagle, pencil drawing of Maria Abeyesekere